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Trollhättan is the 23rd largest city in Sweden, the seat of Trollhättan Municipality, Västra Götaland County. It is situated by Göta alveolar, near the lake Vänaren, and has a population of approximately 50.000 in the city proper. It is located 75 km north of Sweden`slargest city, Gothenburg.


Trollhättan was granted city right in 1916 at which time it had about 15.000 inhabitants, now grown to 59.058. Trollhättan was founded on the river Göta alveolar, at the Trollhättan Falls. The sight was first mentioned in literature from 1413. Trollhättan had a strategic significance on the road between Västergötland and Norway. It was also of a commercial and political significance for shipping to and from Vänaren.

Utilisation of the river falls was the first important business activity in the area. From the Middle Ages milling and sawing operations have been conducted where the city centre is now located. For centuries, Trollhättan Falls was an obstacle for boats travelling the river, until a lock system was completed in the 19th century.